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Excellent customer service. I was surprised at the price, speed and quality of the work. The bidding process was easy and pressure free. They WILL NOT pressure you. Everything was explained clearly before work began and I was pleased with the results. I would definitely recommend Nods.

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Look no further for affordable, fast plumbing services in Sparks, Nevada. Nod’s Plumbing is a dedicated team of professionals with over 20 years of combined experience. No one else serves Northern Nevada with the same level of dedication and care. We perform services correctly the first time, so you are never left with a faulty faucet or a poorly connected gas line.

We provide a full range of plumbing services, so you are sure to find what you need with Nod’s Plumbing, whether it’s an emergency repair or you anticipate a long term relationship for regular maintenance. Our team has experience working with commercial and residential properties alike, so both businesses and individuals feel safe and satisfied with our credentials.

Commonly Requested Plumbing Services

After working in the home services industry for a while, we’ve developed a strong set of skills to tackle typical problems in Nevada homes and commercial properties. Some of the most frequent calls we receive for a plumber in Sparks, NV ask for the following services:
We also work on large-scale projects, like plumbing for home remodels, new construction, or repiping. For more detail about our primary services, keep reading or call (775) 415-8215 for a free service estimate.

Water Heaters

It’s never fun to step in the shower on a cold December day in Nevada and feel the shock of icy water when it should be hot. Water heaters require replacement every 10 to 20 years, depending on the type of water heater you own, and they may experience regular wear and tear over time. If you need water heater repair or replacement in Sparks, the plumbers at Nod’s Plumbing will set you up with a reasonable, hassle-free option. Rejoice in the knowledge that your new or simply improved water heater has the proper capacity to heat the water throughout your home and will last, now that an expert has repaired or installed it.

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is the most common request for homeowners looking for a plumbing company in Sparks, NV. A simple drain cleaning service every few years will prevent grease, soap scum, and paper products from building up in your pipes and sewer line. This means you’ll avoid plumbing catastrophes like burst pipes, failed sewer lines, and severely backed-up drains.

Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

If you notice standing water or a bad smell in your yard, your sewer line may be leaking. If you notice premature signs of sewer line blockages, like drains that keep backing up or gurgling toilets, give Nod’s Plumbing a call. We’ll use our camera to assess the damage to your sewer line underground and propose a reasonable solution for cleaning, repair or replacement.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps keep your home or commercial property dry when flash floods come for Sparks. Plumbers can install a new sump pump or repair your existing one. Call Nod’s Plumbing today at (775) 415-8215 for a free estimate for sump pump installation or repair services! Make sure you contact us before the next rainy season blows through.

Commercial Plumbing

Commercial buildings require plumbers with specific, relevant experience. A residential plumber in Sparks will likely not know the common ins and outs of designing a plumbing system for a commercial building. For example, commercial plumbing systems often must be much larger, require different sizes and types of water heaters, and need more regular maintenance than home systems. Nod’s Plumbing has both residential and commercial experience, so whether you own an industrial company or an apartment building, we will work together to find the right plumbing solutions.

Gas Line Repair and Replacement

It can be scary when your gas line leaks or has an issue. Gas leaks are hazardous to your health. But if you enjoy the benefits of natural gas, including its energy efficiency and convenience, you’ll want to keep a plumber with gas line repair and maintenance knowledge on hand in case something happens. Nod’s Plumbing is here to assist you with an gas line service needs as your go-to plumbing company in Sparks.