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Banish Drain Clogs in Reno

Nod’s Plumbing is here to get rid of your nightmare backed-up drains and clogged toilets with our team of experts. Nobody else knows drain cleaning in Reno and surrounding Northern Nevada like us. We have over 20 years of combined experience snaking drains and using the latest technology to identify your precise plumbing problem. For instance, we use cameras to see underground inside your sewer line to help figure out why your toilets are gurgling and the drains persistently back up.

Next time your kitchen or bathroom drain is clogged, give us a call. We are professionals dedicated to excellent craftsmanship and customer service. We guarantee high quality drain cleaning services and provide free estimates for our clients when you call us at (775) 415-8215.

Common Causes of Clogs

You likely know some common causes of drain and toilet clogs, like flushing non flushable items down the toilet, but there are other systemic causes that you may not be able to control as easily. It’s important to contact a professional plumber for drain cleaning in Reno because while at-home solutions may work temporarily, they likely won’t solve the root of the problem, only the symptoms.

The reason for blockages may be different depending on where the clog originates: is it an issue with the kitchen drain? Or the toilet? Or maybe it’s a larger problem with the sewer line. Let’s dive into the common causes of drain clogs depending on the drain where it originates in your house.

Bathroom Sink and Shower Drains

The bathroom is a space where soap, shampoo, beauty products, and hair regularly washes down the drain to form potential blockages. If you don’t have your drains cleaned from time to time, the waste washed down your sink and shower will build up and block water from draining efficiently. This will often result in slow draining water in your sink or tub.

Kitchen Sink Drains

Kitchen sinks clog more quickly when you dump certain types of food waste down the drain, like animal grease or cooking oil. Oil, fat, and grease are not soluble in water and typically stick to the pipes, which means they accumulate over time and develop into obstructions. This is why you should throw out any cooking oils after you’re done making a meal instead of washing them down the drain.

Clogged Toilets

Clogged toilets are always a pain and frequently disruptive to your daily life. Luckily, a clogged toilet is usually an easy problem to solve, especially if it is caused by a simple local blockage. Non flushable items like wipes, tissues or feminine products will make a clog worse and have long term effects on your plumbing system. Nod’s Plumbing provides drain snaking in Reno that will clear even your toughest toilet clogs.

Sewer Line Blockages

Believe it or not, your sewer line may also develop clogs that will only become clear when your drains start backing up in your home. Using a camera, our plumbers will examine your sewer line and determine how severe the clog is. Sometimes clogs in sewer lines are relatively simple to clean, but sometimes they require repairs or replacement instead of just cleaning. For example, if we find tree root intrusion – when a tree root grows into a weak spot in your sewer line – we may recommend sewer line replacement if the damage is too great.

Why Drain Cleaning is Important

In Reno, drain cleaning is one of the most common services Nod’s Plumbing provides. Routine drain cleaning should be performed around once every three years, but if you do notice signs of clogs, call a plumber sooner rather than later. A small, localized clog is much easier to clean than a stubborn obstruction in the pipes or sewer line. Worst of all, if you don’t have your plumbing system regularly cleaned, your pipes may burst if the clog causes enough built-up pressure. Drain cleaning also ensures that the water in your house flows properly and that you don’t run into issues like standing water in the tub or slow-draining sinks.

While you may be tempted to use store-bought products that claim to clean your drains, it is better to work with a professional plumber whenever a major clog or persistent plumbing back-ups appear. A professional will bring in special tools, including drain snakes and other more efficient drain cleaning technologies, and use them to the greatest effect.

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