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4 Key Warning Signs of a Broken Sewer Line

A broken sewer line can cause several problems, not the least of which is exposing you and your family to health hazards. Below are four key warning signs of a broken sewer line to watch out for.

1. You Smell Sewage Every Time You Walk Out

If you smell sewage every time you walk out of your home, this may be a warning sign of a broken sewer line in your yard. It is important that you contact a local plumber right away to investigate.

2. Patches of Your Lawn Look Greener Than the Rest

If you notice greener grass in a particular area of your lawn and can smell sewage at the same time, then it most likely means you have a sewer line leak. You need a plumber to come and check things out. This professional will use the right equipment to check whether or not your sewer lines are in good condition and then advise accordingly.

3. More Pests Get Attracted to Your Yard

If you notice certain types of bugs or critters starting to show up to your yard more frequently, it might be time for a plumber to check if your sewer line is broken. When we see sewage, we see waste, but the same cannot be said about certain types of pests; to them, sewage contains food.

That said, if you see pests such as mice, rodents, flies, moths, and even snakes come to your yard often, it may also be time to find a pest control company to eliminate these nuisances. Once they have gotten rid of all pests, reach out to a professional plumbing company to fix your sewer line and prevent future pest infestations.

4. Your Drains Back Up Every Time

If only one drain is backing up, the issue is with that one drain. However, if all the drains in your home are backing up, then this may be a warning sign of a broken sewer line.

Initially, you could try clearing the blockages using a plunger, but if the problem persists, have a plumber come over to check it out. The plumber will use highly sophisticated tools, like a sewer camera inspection, to spot the issue and then fix it.

Fortunately, there are many ways to fix a broken sewer line. They include pipe lining, pipe bursting, and traditional trenching. Since these sewer line repair techniques are beyond DIY jobs, it’s important to seek professional help from your local plumber. The right professional not only has the experience needed to fix broken sewer lines but also uses the right equipment to ensure the job is done correctly. Contact Nods Plumbing today for professional sewer line repair in Reno, NV.